Month: August 2018

Month: August 2018

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I was prompted to write this post as I overheard several conversations yesterday when I was on a day out not related to my work as a therapist.  However, being a therapist, I am usually aware of how people appear to be thinking and reacting in certain situations.


There were a few issues throughout the day which involved things running late and some changes of plans with the organisers having to think on their feet and remain flexible and good humoured.  Overall, in my opinion, the day was a success and involved visiting some beautiful places, seeing some wonderful sites and having the opportunity to meet and talk to some interesting people.


However, throughout the day I was hearing comments like ‘This day will go down in history…’ , ‘What on earth is going to happen next’ and ‘What a disaster’!  I wonder how the people who made these comments will remember the day and describe it to their friends?  Will they describe the sunshine, the views and the laughter or will they recall the things that went wrong and describe them with an element of exaggeration which is common in these type of situations?  Will the memory of the day morph into being a ‘Disaster’ for them?


Have a think about days you have had where there have been challenges or things haven’t gone to plan.  Do you recall that day as being a disaster or can you re-think it and recall the day in a different way?


As always thought and comments are welcome and thanks for reading this.

Month: August 2018

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It’s been a good week here at Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland and the highlight for me was definitely Tuesday evening when I met the members of Team KA for our first session working together.


I first met Karen of KA Equestrian a few years ago when she backed a young horse of a friend of mine.  I was impressed by Karen’s professionalism,  her skill as a horsewoman and her approach towards her clients.  The young horse, William, did well and I rode him myself a few times before he subsequently moved on to a different home.


Fast forward a couple of years and I was looking to make links with riding coaches who I thought I would like to work with and who I thought would complement my approach of working with riders off horse.  I contacted Karen and, to my delight, she was open and interested in working with me and we have gone on to running successful talks and clinics together.


I don’t know about you but I suspect I am not alone in feeling hesitant about contacting other professionals for the first time.  However, in my experience, most people are delighted when I have picked up the phone or sent that online message and this ‘networking’ has produced some great results all round.


Fast forward another couple of years and Karen suggested that I might like to be involved in giving some confidence coaching and support to the young riders of Team KA who are just starting out in the world of competing and this brought us to the session we held on Tuesday evening!


I am very excited about this opportunity and am looking forward very much to working with the team, getting to know them and their horses and helping them to get the most out of their experiences.  I will be writing a monthly blog post for the team and will use that to chart their progress and let you know how we all get on so keep your eyes open for that.


So looking back on this little story all I can do is to suggest to you that if you see an opportunity for making connections or developing an interest then seize it as who knows where it will take you!


This is what Karen said about our new venture on her own blog post:


“Jane has been part of the extended KA Equestrian family for a number of years now and I’ve seen how her influence can help bring out the best in riders. I’m extremely excited to have her on board to help with Team KA and any opportunity to work with Jane is a pleasure. We had our first session with the team earlier in the week and it was a huge success. We’re all looking forward to using the tips and techniques learned in our training.” Karen McConnell, KA Equestrian.


Month: August 2018

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Today I feel motivated to write a post but nithing in particular springs to mind to write about.  However, once I start writing thoughts often come into my mind which might be worth sharing.


Today is Thursday which, for me, means a morning spent at my Italian class and an afternoon in the office doing some admin for my husband’s business.  These things are interspersed with feeding and checking on my two horses, dog walking and general household tasks.  No 1:1 clients booked in today.


So why am I even telling you about my average Thursday?  Well, I’m using it as a metaphor for life (and horse riding).  Often life just trundles along with it’s routines and everyday activities and that is absolutely fine.  For me it’s hugely important to be able to appreciate the mundane and to take time to spend a few moments looking out of the window or just being with my horses (they are both retired unsound so unfortunately I can’t ride either of them).  It’s about being calm and accepting whilst at the same time seeing opportunities to learn and develop if they arise.


As well as being an average Thursday there is something a little bit different happening this evening which I’m looking forward to —-A fashion show at KA Equestrian showing their KApparell clothing range.  So perhaps not so average after all?


Can you apply these ideas to your own life?  I woud love to hear about it.

Month: August 2018

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A post on my FaceBook page today has motivated me to write this blog post.


A common scenario with riders is that in the past they felt confident and used to do all sorts of riding activities which they now struggle with or avoid completely.  For example a rider who used to jump 1m tracks regularly but now can barely pop over a cross pole or the rider who used to hack out on their own in all weathers and now rarely leaves the indoor school.


There may be many reasons for the changes in your riding such as having a new horse which is more challenging than a previous one, having had some negative experiences or an accident or a growing awareness of risk and the consequences of things going wrong for you.


The first step towards regaining your enjoyment of more challenging riding activities is to recognise where you are now (and think about WHY you are where you are now as well) then begin to set some goals which will help you to move towards where you want to be with your riding.  We all change throughout our lives and we accumulate all sorts of experiences which make us the person we are today but life is dynamic and where we are now is the starting point for where we will be tomorrow/next week/next month etc.


So if you find yourself saying ‘But I USED to be able to do it….’ I suggest that you think about changing that statement into something like ‘ I would like to be able to (do whatever it is) and I am taking the steps towards achieving that goal’  The hard work will be worth it and you can look forward to how amazing you will feel when you do achieve your goal.


As always, thanks for reading this and any comments are very welcome.


Thanks to Lindsy Forman for the lovely Through the Ears pic.

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I was reminded the other day of how, for many people, riding can be a release from all the other pressures of life.


When things are difficult at work, relationships or health are challenging it can be extremely important to be able to head down to the yard and have a special time with your horse.  This can help to clear your head or get things in perspective.


However, sometimes the opposite happens and just when you need your riding to be going well things seem to fall apart there too.


It doesn’t have to be this way and there are lots of techniques you can learn to help.


One of these is the ‘sports bag technique’ where you imagine a bag which you can use to put all your worries and concerns in before you head out for a ride.  You can then deal with those things later at a more appropriate time so that you can enjoy your ride.


If you need help with this and a more detailed idea of how you can use this technique then just get in touch.


All comments are welcome and thanks for reading this.

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The reason for the title of this blog post is that I recently made rather a large mistake!


Whilst trying to edit a post I accidently deleted all of my previous blog posts!  There were only four of them, as I am new to writing this blog, but it was an annoying error. I contacted the website hosting people but there was nothing that they could do.


As these posts reflect what I have been thinking about or doing, at any one particular time, I have decided not to re-post anything which I had saved elsewhere and start from scratch.


So the obvious theme for this post is making and learning from mistakes.


Now when we make are mistake we can choose how to react.  We can either call it ‘awful’ or a ‘disaster’, in which case we end up feeling bad about what we have done or, alternatively, we can view it as a learning opportunity and therefore something more positive.


I regularly tell my clients that it is OK to make mistakes as long as we recognise them and take steps to avoid repeating the same error.  Perfection doesn’t exist so if we set ourselves up to try to be perfect then we will inevitably be disappointed.


So, to apply this to horse riding, a useful exercise is to review each ride, look at what went well and be pleased about those things.  Then look at what was challenging, and why, plus what mistakes did you make and what can you learn from them?  Finish this exercise with reminding yourself with what went well and this will enable you to avoid magnifying those mistakes.  Try it and let me know how you get on.


In the meantime, I will endeavor to learn how to edit my blog posts more safely!


As always, thanks for reading this and any comments are very welcome.