Pre-Season 2021 Mindset Boost

Join us in this FaceBook membership group running throughout February to set you up to make the most of the opportunities which come your way during 2021.

Weekly live sessions with mindset expert Jane Brindley of Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland covering:

  1. Developing a tool to monitor and strengthen your mindset.
  2. Managing Competition and Performance Nerves.
  3. Using Positive Visualisation.
  4. Managing Success and Challenges.

There will also be a live session with physiotherapist Maeve Sheridan of Activate Your Seat looking at pre-season fitness and effective breathing.

PLUS two live Q&A opportunities with sponsored riders Jodie Neill, Jodie Campbell and Natalia Mallon who will share their experiences of competition and managing their mindset successfully.

The group will be archived at the end of Feb 2021 but ALL lives and all materials will remain accessible for ALL members for as long as you need them.

All this for ONLY £35.00
On payment you will receive an email inviting you to join the group and then the group will begin on 1st February 2021.