Clinics and Workshops

Day clinics and workshops are a great opportunity to combine the psychological approach of my work with practical ridden work from experienced trainers and coaches. Working together with riding trainers these usually involve talks from myself and an opportunity to then have a ridden session when you can put into practice what you have learned.

Clinics and workshops are also suitable for non-riding participants to come along to.  Perhaps you don’t have a horse to bring or access to transport or feel that you aren’t ready yet to venture out with your horse.  Non-riders are able to fully take part in the talks and then learn from watching the ridden sessions.

Karen McConnell of KA equestrian says “Having worked in partnership with Jane on a number of occasions, I’ve always been impressed with her ability to a bring a sense of calm to clinic attendees and help them develop the skills to take control of their nerves and anxieties. I recommend Jane’s services to anyone who feels they can benefit from a real confidence boost”.

Some comments from previous clinic participants who have given permission to be quoted:

  • “I said to my husband it is great having my old horse back. He replied he has never changed. Its you that has changed. He is so right with a more positive attitude all the naughtiness has disappeared. You have no idea what a difference your talk has made”. (LS)
  •  “I look forward to riding now and when my horse has one of his moments I can accept it and move on.  It makes such a difference when you know your horse isn’t doing it to be annoying – he’s just being a horse!”.  (FC)
  • “I can’t believe how much I’ve done since the clinic at which point I thought I might never be able to get back on him through my nerves!  So can’t thank you and Jane enough to not only give me the tools to cope but to actually enjoy it as well”.  (TH)

Upcoming events:
Due to Covid there is nothing in the diary at the moment.  If you would like to make a plan for when this is all over then just get in touch and we can talk.

If you are an instructor or riding coach at any level and would like to jointly organise a clinic for the future then please do get in touch.