A Week to Celebrate

A Week to Celebrate

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This week I feel as though a lot of hard work has come to fruition and I feel like celebrating that fact.

I’ve posted on Facebook about the things I’ve been doing with Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland this week but I think they are worth repeating for two reasons.  Firstly, to remind all of you who read this that hard work does have benefits and secondly, to remind myself that I can be proud of the good work I have done.

There have been the usual 1:1 clients, I can’t talk about them specifically due to the importance of confidentiality but those people I am seeing at the moment are making good progress and I am happy about that.

Something new for me this week was presenting a talk to the new intake of Equine Studies students at Oatridge, Scotland’s premier Rural College.  This was a challenge as I normally talk to small groups in a fairly relaxed and casual setting whereas in the college the group was about 70 students and therefore, by necessity, a bit more formal.  However, I felt that it went well and I certainly enjoyed the afternoon.  As I write this I’m waiting to hear the feedback but those who spoke to me at the end of the talk were positive and I am happy with that.  The talk came about because one of the lecturers on the equine studies course attended a talk I’d given earlier in the year as a fund raiser for an old friend who was doing the Wobbleberry Challenge, she liked what she heard and felt that the students could benefit from the ideas I had spoken about.

Later on Wednesday I headed over to Lindores to talk to the riders attending the Equiteam Confidence Camp.  I am a regular contributor at these camps and love going there and joining the riders for an evening.  This time there were quite a few familiar faces and I was really delighted when some of them said things which showed me that they had remembered, and found useful, things which I had said at previous camps.  This time we had a bit of fun and did some role playing.  Everyone joined in, and as well as riding skills the campers showed great potential in the acting profession!

The following evening I returned to camp to join them for a demo by Catriona Goulding animal Physiotherapist.  We painted three very patient horses to show the skeleton and major muscle groups and then listened to Catriona talking about how different ways of going and different types of riders affect the horse physically – fascinating stuff.  It was fun being at camp in ‘off-duty’ mode and having the opportunity to chat with everyone again.

Tomorow I am attending the KA Equestrian open day to give a presentation on the use of visualisation as a tool to help riders to achieve their goals.  I work regularly with KA Equestrian doing a monthly blog for them and sponsoring the Team KA by giving them coaching on the mental preparation for competing.

So, where was the hard work you might ask?  It all sounds like a lot of fun when I read back through what I have written!

The hard work has come through many years of training and experience working with horse riders who for many reasons struggle with confidence issues.  This has involved continued study and professional development which have allowed me to research and develop the information I share with clients either on a 1:1 basis or at a talk or workshop.  The hard work has also involved pushing myself out of the comfort zone of working 1:1 and moving into a far more public arena of standing up infront of groups of people and hopefully educating them in how they can overcome the anxiety or fears which hold them back from achieving their riding goals.


If you have read this then I do hope that it may remind you that hard work really does pay off and I would love to hear from you about your own experiences which also prove this.


So, for me it has been a very good week and, what is even better, there are a lot more good things in the diary for the Autumn months.


How has your week been?

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