But I USED to be able to do it….!

But I USED to be able to do it….!

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A post on my FaceBook page today has motivated me to write this blog post.


A common scenario with riders is that in the past they felt confident and used to do all sorts of riding activities which they now struggle with or avoid completely.  For example a rider who used to jump 1m tracks regularly but now can barely pop over a cross pole or the rider who used to hack out on their own in all weathers and now rarely leaves the indoor school.


There may be many reasons for the changes in your riding such as having a new horse which is more challenging than a previous one, having had some negative experiences or an accident or a growing awareness of risk and the consequences of things going wrong for you.


The first step towards regaining your enjoyment of more challenging riding activities is to recognise where you are now (and think about WHY you are where you are now as well) then begin to set some goals which will help you to move towards where you want to be with your riding.  We all change throughout our lives and we accumulate all sorts of experiences which make us the person we are today but life is dynamic and where we are now is the starting point for where we will be tomorrow/next week/next month etc.


So if you find yourself saying ‘But I USED to be able to do it….’ I suggest that you think about changing that statement into something like ‘ I would like to be able to (do whatever it is) and I am taking the steps towards achieving that goal’  The hard work will be worth it and you can look forward to how amazing you will feel when you do achieve your goal.


As always, thanks for reading this and any comments are very welcome.


Thanks to Lindsy Forman for the lovely Through the Ears pic.

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