Goal Setting

Goal Setting

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Just a quick post this morning to tell you about a purchase I have just made – a nice new notebook for jotting down my thoughts and goals!


Not very exiting?  Well, if you are anything like me then you love to have a nice notebook and find a blank page to be a great motivation!  From school days I have always loved jotters and notebooks, and all stationery really and I haven’t yet moved over to making notes of any significance on my phone or laptop.


I have a lot of plans and goals for summer 2017 both personally and for Horse riding with Confidence Scotland and my new notebook will help me to keep a track of them and to make sure that I follow them through and track my progress.


As I said there is lots happening with a talk at the Wobbleberry Camp at Lindores next week, a full diary of clients to see 1:1, ongoing work with Team KA and an exciting trip to Peebles to talk to Peebles and Tweeddale PC camp in early July so I need to make sure that i keep a track of everything and if you keep an eye on the Facebook page then you will see how things are going.


What are you planning over the next couple of months?  I’d love to hear about your goals and achievements.

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