How has your Summer been?

How has your Summer been?

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I guess we can look at this time of year in a couple of ways, perhaps seeing it as the end of Summer or, if you still think of life in term times and academic years it can be looked at as the start of a new phase.

So here we are at the end of Summer 2019 and I’m wondering how you’ve all been getting on. I definitely hope that you’ve had lots of fun whatever you’ve been up to.

Either way as one season finishes and another begins this is a good time for some reflection.

One of the simplest, and most useful, methods to reflect and learn is to use a three step approach to analyse how things have been going for you. This analysis can be done after any ride where you’ve challenged yourself or have been challenged by events out-with your control. I don’t think it’s necessary to analyse every single ride, we don’t want to risk losing the opportunity to ride simply for fun, but it’s useful to have a think after a schooling session, a lesson, a competition, camp or training day.

I’ve heard this three step analysis referred to as a “Sh*t sandwich” and the reason will become clear!! You can choose to give it that name or another on if you wish!


What went well? What did you do that gave you pleasure? Which achievements are you proud of? Did you succeed with something new? Did you ride faster or harder and did you jump bigger? Did you feel more in tune with your horse?
You will have your own definitions of success here and the aim of this step is to celebrate those successes and allow yourself to feel pleasure and pride.
It’s so easy to belittle successes and I really do feel that it’s important to allow ourselves to enjoy each and every success, great and small.



This is the step where you have a think about those things which didn’t go well and work out why that may have happened.
So, have a think about any mistakes which have been made and work out why they happened in order to learn from them.
What else happened which, if you were given the opportunity to repeat that experience, you would like to do differently?
Looking at those things which didn’t go so well, why did they happen? Were they things over which you had some control or were they due to uncontrollable events? Had you set goals for yourself which were achievable?

I do talk a lot about being positive and learning but, don’t get me wrong, I totally get that sometimes you can feel upset, angry, “down” or just simply “rubbish” and I have those feeling too. However, the important thing is to acknowledge those emotions, understand them and then let them go, avoiding the risk of over generalising them and believing that because something has happened which you’re unhappy about it means that everything is rubbish!


Step three is simple – just repeat STEP ONE!!
This means that you’re finishing the exercise on a positive note and, whilst making sure you take the learnings from step two on board you’re actually allowing yourself to enjoy the pleasure of your successes.

If you carry out this simple three step analysis then it will help your overall confidence as you see how it is possible to celebrate the good stuff and learn from the “sandwich filling”!

Happy Autumn to you all as the sun gets lower in the sky.


(Thanks to Lynne Blore and Rosalyn Cowie for the lovely photos which were entries in the 2019  competition)



Tracey Cole

September 13, 2019 at 9:29 am

A super way to reflect and move forward into Autumn. Thanks Jane!


    September 14, 2019 at 8:34 am

    Thanks Tracey.

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