How has your Summer been?

How has your Summer been?

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Well, here we are at the end of August, there is definitely an Autumnal feel in the air, leaves are beginning to turn colour and berries are ripening.


I am wondering how your Summer has been?  What have you done wth your horses?  Have you been out and about competing or have you been making the most of the light evenings and enjoying hacking out?


I have been thinking (again) about how we can all learn from any mistakes we make and how we can use these as a learning opportunity.  We will all make mistakes and it is so important not to beat ourselves up over these but rather to use them as an opportunity to do things differently next time.  After all, if we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again then we aren’t learning and therefore we shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t make progress towards achieving our goals.


My Summer, here at Horse Riding with Scotland, has been busy and productive.  I have been making the most of networking opportunities and looking into different ways of marketing my business so that I can reach more riders with the messages I have about how to ride more confidently and therefore to enjoy riding more.  In the past I frequently had a lull in the Summer months but that hasn’t happened this year.  Instead, I’ve had some talks to do and ongoing 1:1 clients to see and there are some exciting prospects ahead for the Autums months.


One of the most exciting things coming up is that I have been asked to speak to the new intake of students on the equine studies courses at Oatridge College.  Something new for me, in that, my talks are generally pretty informal but this one will involve a group of about 90 students in the college setting so I am looking forward to the challenge.


One of the fun things which I did over the summer was to have a photo competition to win a  1:1 session.  The prize went to the photo which best represented ‘Confident Riding’.  a few of the pictures were taken through the horse’s ears and I will use these as blog photos for this and future blog posts.  Today’s pic is Chloe riding Jack on their first solo hack after losing her confidence – very well done to Chloe.

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