How’s Your Season Going?

How’s Your Season Going?

I’m writing this on 1st June (does that mean it’s Summer now?). It’s a bright and breezy day here at Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland HQ, I’m feeling quite summery and, even though the temperature is about 13 deg, it won’t be dark until after 10pm this evening.

Summer meadow bliss

All riders will have their own idea of what constitutes their “season”. Perhaps you are out at shows, events and competitions most weekends and maybe some weekdays too. Other riders will be at occasional shows, training days, camps and clinics. Or maybe your season is making the most of after work opportunities and long evenings and using the time to venture out on longer hacks.

At the start of a month a useful exercise is to check back on your goals ( whether they are fun goals at home or serious competition goals the ideas same apply).

Do you feel that you are making progress and heading in your desired direction, does the opposite apply or are you somewhere in the middle?

if you are making progress then keep going and keep up the good work. If you have stalled or are feeling disheartened then have another look at your goals. Are they realistic? Are your basic processes helping you? Do you need to make some changes?

It’s important that goal setting is supportive and encouraging for you so that your goals help your confidence to grow. If your goals are unrealistic and too demanding for the amount of time and energy you have available then it’s time to think again and perhaps re-set.

As always, seek help and support if you need it so that you can make the most of the opportunities that Summer brings.

Summer riding fun

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