Is Horse Riding your Release?

Is Horse Riding your Release?

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I was reminded the other day of how, for many people, riding can be a release from all the other pressures of life.


When things are difficult at work, relationships or health are challenging it can be extremely important to be able to head down to the yard and have a special time with your horse.  This can help to clear your head or get things in perspective.


However, sometimes the opposite happens and just when you need your riding to be going well things seem to fall apart there too.


It doesn’t have to be this way and there are lots of techniques you can learn to help.


One of these is the ‘sports bag technique’ where you imagine a bag which you can use to put all your worries and concerns in before you head out for a ride.  You can then deal with those things later at a more appropriate time so that you can enjoy your ride.


If you need help with this and a more detailed idea of how you can use this technique then just get in touch.


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