Just an Average Thursday!

Just an Average Thursday!

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Today I feel motivated to write a post but nithing in particular springs to mind to write about.  However, once I start writing thoughts often come into my mind which might be worth sharing.


Today is Thursday which, for me, means a morning spent at my Italian class and an afternoon in the office doing some admin for my husband’s business.  These things are interspersed with feeding and checking on my two horses, dog walking and general household tasks.  No 1:1 clients booked in today.


So why am I even telling you about my average Thursday?  Well, I’m using it as a metaphor for life (and horse riding).  Often life just trundles along with it’s routines and everyday activities and that is absolutely fine.  For me it’s hugely important to be able to appreciate the mundane and to take time to spend a few moments looking out of the window or just being with my horses (they are both retired unsound so unfortunately I can’t ride either of them).  It’s about being calm and accepting whilst at the same time seeing opportunities to learn and develop if they arise.


As well as being an average Thursday there is something a little bit different happening this evening which I’m looking forward to —-A fashion show at KA Equestrian showing their KApparell clothing range.  So perhaps not so average after all?


Can you apply these ideas to your own life?  I woud love to hear about it.

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