Learning from Mistakes!

Learning from Mistakes!

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The reason for the title of this blog post is that I recently made rather a large mistake!


Whilst trying to edit a post I accidently deleted all of my previous blog posts!  There were only four of them, as I am new to writing this blog, but it was an annoying error. I contacted the website hosting people but there was nothing that they could do.


As these posts reflect what I have been thinking about or doing, at any one particular time, I have decided not to re-post anything which I had saved elsewhere and start from scratch.


So the obvious theme for this post is making and learning from mistakes.


Now when we make are mistake we can choose how to react.  We can either call it ‘awful’ or a ‘disaster’, in which case we end up feeling bad about what we have done or, alternatively, we can view it as a learning opportunity and therefore something more positive.


I regularly tell my clients that it is OK to make mistakes as long as we recognise them and take steps to avoid repeating the same error.  Perfection doesn’t exist so if we set ourselves up to try to be perfect then we will inevitably be disappointed.


So, to apply this to horse riding, a useful exercise is to review each ride, look at what went well and be pleased about those things.  Then look at what was challenging, and why, plus what mistakes did you make and what can you learn from them?  Finish this exercise with reminding yourself with what went well and this will enable you to avoid magnifying those mistakes.  Try it and let me know how you get on.


In the meantime, I will endeavor to learn how to edit my blog posts more safely!


As always, thanks for reading this and any comments are very welcome.

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