Natalia’s Story 1

Natalia’s Story 1

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Having recently completed, and loved, the Centre 10 APEC Performance Coaching Foundation course, as part of my CPD, I obviously wanted to put my refined skills into practice as soon as I could. I have several ongoing clients who were already benefiting from my new learning but thought I would also offer a “Performance Coaching Package”.

As you may know, I’ve done a lot of work with the amazing team at Equiteam Confidence Camps over the last few years so I thought it would be a nice idea to offer a supported package to an Equiteam Camper as a thank you for all the support I’ve had from the team. I duly created a post and sent it to Equiteam for them to share and I looked forward to receiving applications from riders for the package.

I received a good number of lovely applications. One in particular really stood out for me so this was the rider I chose to receive the package of four hours worth of performance coaching. The reaction from Natalia when she heard that she’s been chosen was lovely and over the last few weeks we have begun doing some work together. I’ve loved meeting Natalia and hearing about her riding journey and her lovely mare, Princess.


Natalia says:
“Last month I was flicking through my newsfeed on fb & I saw an advert on a Equiteam Confidence camps post for a sponsored coaching package with Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland. I’ve always struggled with lack of self belief in the saddle so I decided to apply. I follow Jane via her Facebook page & found her posts thought provoking & relevant.

After a long hard few months last year of feeling literally feeling rock bottom with my riding I was starting to feel better about things again & decided I had nothing to lose but to apply.

I was ecstatic when Jane contacted me to say she had chosen us. A few weeks ago we had our first session & I am now making clear (achievable) bitesize goals which are much more realistic to achieving my ultimate goal.

Before I was setting goals within an unrealistic timeframe then beating myself up when this didn’t work out. With Jane’s help we now have processes in place to help us to get there & to enjoy the small wins too. Jane even sent me some tips to prepare us to feel more relaxed before our last training session which was fantastic, both of us had a great time & jumped a fence we wouldn’t have even tempted before.

I’m soo excited for the rest of 2020 & with Jane’s support we are chasing our dreams harder than ever!!”

It’s going to be fun being part of Natalia and Princess’s team and I’m already enjoying working with someone who so obviously cares greatly for her horse and is prepared to work hard to fulfil her dreams.

You can follow their journey on Instagram @powertoprincess

If you would like to know more about Performance Coaching Packages or any other way in which I can help YOU to achieve your riding goals then just get in touch.

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