Review of the Year 2021

Review of the Year 2021

I’m writing this on December 15th on one of those days when it feels as though it isn’t ever going to get light. It would be easy to feel a bit despondent on a day like today but instead I am choosing to feel reflective and encouraged as I review the past year for Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland.

I am currently taking part in a fun advent calendar being run by my friends at Equiteam Confidence Camps and my contribution was to suggest that the group members review their year by looking at the things they have achieved, learned and are grateful for from the past year so that’s what I will do here.

It’s a really useful exercise to do for yourself and the response from the group has been that members have found it thought provoking, challenging and also interesting. Why not give it a go yourself? The idea is to list three to five things for each section and to be mindful and thoughtful as you do this. Then perhaps print out your lists and pin them up where you will see them regularly to remind you of just how much you have done this year.


  1. My most obvious achievement this year has been qualifying with Centre 10 as an Advanced Coach in Applied Psychology for Equestrian sport.
    Whilst I have done many many training courses over the year, and have applied the learning to horse riding and riders, this is the first qualification specifically tailored towards riders and it has been fascinating and exciting as well as challenging to learn so much.
    Receiving my certificate in the Spring was a very proud achievement for me.
  2. The next achievement I would like to share with you is that, despite the ongoing pandemic situation, I have seen more new clients than ever this year. Both face:face and online.
    Back in January, I had thought that the year would be quiet from a business point of view but that hasn’t been the case. I am constantly touched and delighted by how many riders are prepared to put their trust in me to help them to fulfil their goals and to grow in confidence and self belief.
  3. The third achievement to share is that I have been able to contribute to a growing number of clinics and confidence camps and workshops. This is a side of my work which I have enjoyed building over the years and is a valuable addition to the work I do one:one with individual clients. One thing I have particularly enjoyed has been seeing so many familiar faces at various events and there is always a huge personal thrill that riders choose to listen to what I have to say to them.
  4. In the Spring of this year I was thrilled to be asked by Rhea Freeman to join a small team of experts who could share mindset masterclasses with business owners from the rural and equestrian business sectors within the Small and Supercharged Mastermind Group. To date I have done masterclasses on “Overwhelm”, “Managing Success and Failure”, “Developing Self Belief” and this evening I am doing a masterclass looking at a “Mindful review of the Year” which is a bit like this exercise I’m doing right now!


  1. Gosh where do I start with this one! It would be very easy just to say “I have learned masses” and move on but the idea of this exercise is to be thoughtful so I will be just that!
  2. One of the most important things which I learned on the Centre 10 course has been seeing riders as athletes rather than people carrying out a hobby. This leads to a whole different mindset of how to approach the work I do. There will always be some riders looking for a confidence boost so that they can casually enjoy time with their horses but there are also many riders who are able to benefit from an approach which has, at its core, the principles of sport psychology and who will benefit from learning to see themselves as athletes.
  3. I have learned, something which I thought I already knew, that learning truly never ends! When I signed up for the course with Centre 10 I kind of assumed that I would complete the course and that would be it. However, finishing the formal course was really only the beginning and it has opened up a whole new world of learning opportunities for me which are exciting and invigorating in equal measure.
  4. I have learned that following the process is key to so many achievements. I loved listening to post performance interviews with athletes, in all sorts of different sports, at the Olympics. Without exception they referred to following their process and, whatever the result on the day, being satisfied with their performance if they had done this. This principle is something which I am sharing with my clients and they are seeing some lovely results from all of the hard work.
  5. On a practical level I have learned loads about presenting online, producing attractive presentations and generally using online platforms to interact with riders more effectively. I have had to seek lots of help to do these things and that has been another learning……Asking for help makes things much easier in the long run!


  1. I am eternally grateful for my husband, my family and my friends who always support and encourage me in everything I do.
  2. I am hugely grateful to all of the riders who put their trust in me and allow me to work with them in order to help them to get the most out of their riding.
  3. I am grateful for a couple of lovely comments which have been made this week in various ways. Firstly in a post about words of wisdom when a rider said that something I had said was one of the best pieces of advice she had ever received (I haven’t asked her permission to share this so won’t say any more than that!) and another rider (who has given me permission to share) said: “I’m sending you this to say a huge thank you for your part in this…You have helped make a girl and her pony very happy together” (Thanks Rosslyn).
  4. I am grateful that, even though I am now in my 60’s (EEK!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?) I continue to love everything I do, to enjoy the opportunities which come my way and to want to keep learning and developing my skills at work and the things I choose to do in my spare time.
  5. Finally, I am grateful to YOU for taking the time to read this review. I hope that you find it interesting and that it encourages you to look back at your own year of achievements, learning and gratitude. HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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