Say YES to Opportunities

Say YES to Opportunities

Do you sometimes find yourself saying no to opportunities and then regretting it? Perhaps saying “No” but wishing that you were brave enough to say “Yes”?

I’ve been thinking about this recently as I’ve been writing a piece for someone on rider confidence and in it I describe one of the attributes of a confident rider as regularly saying yes to new opportunities and being prepared to stretch out of their comfort zone.

NB I also stress that a rider who is confident will sometimes be comfortable to say “No” because they have a valid reason for doing so and that is absolutely fine. And, of course, it is always your right to say “No” to anything which you really do not want to do.

If you regularly find an excuse for not joining in with a riding activity such as going for a hack in a new location or signing up for a training day then perhaps it’s time to ask yourself some challenging questions?

Are you saying no because of a fear of what could happen?

Are you saying no because you think that you aren’t ready?

Are you saying no because you think that everyone else is better/more experienced than you?

Are you saying no but secretly wishing to say yes?

How about turning these questions around and considering that the opportunity will most likely to turn out to be a positive one full of fun and learning. The opportunity might well become something which in the future you look back on with a huge smile on your face. The opportunity might well allow you and your horse to move towards achieving your goals.

Saying YES to a hack in new surroundings can lead to lots of fun and adventures

When I work with riders I often find that they have got themselves into a situation where their comfort zone has shrunk considerably and they are no longer enjoying riding as much as they would like to or as much as they used to. With some simple changes in thoughts and beliefs we can quickly turn this around allowing the rider to start to say “Yes” to opportunities and then to build on that by creating their own opportunities. The result of this is that enjoyment returns and the rider can learn and grow in self belief as they metaphorically release the anchor which has been holding them down.

If you find that you are struggling to stretch out of your comfort zone then please do get in touch for some help which will allow YOU to say YES to wonderful opportunities.

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