Small Incremental Improvements add up to Major Changes and Growth

Small Incremental Improvements add up to Major Changes and Growth

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On Monday I posted about how making small incremental improvements leads to major changes and growth, then I chatted a bit about this in my group so I thought I’d add something here on the blog to back this up.

Earlier this week I watched a short BBC video about learning to recognise birdsong. In the video it talks about just starting by learning a few common and familiar garden birds and then building on that as a start. I’ve always had an amateur interest in birdwatching, inherited from my Mum who loved birds, I know most of the common British birds and a few others too but I don’t recognise many by their song. On the video it talks about just learning one at a time and before you know it you can build up a library of birdsong which you recognise – an example of small incremental improvements leading to major changes.

This week I have consciously set about adding to my birdsong library and by starting with the birds I see every day in the garden, it has already grown considerably.

We can apply this simple principle to learning and growth in any area of life or horse riding. By building on the riding skills which we already have and making small incremental improvements we can rapidly expand skills and before we know it we are doing things which we may never thought would be possible.

During the current lockdown period when you might not be riding at all, or much, then now is a good time to apply this idea to mindset strengthening so that when you return to riding regularly your mind will be in a better place to help you.

Start by thinking of a situation where you feel confident, comfortable and mentally in control. What is it about that situation which allows you to think, feel and ride confidently?

Once you recognise what it is which allows you to feel confident in that situation you can make small incremental improvements and begin to apply that confidence in situations which may previously have challenged you emotionally and you can build from there. This way, by the time Lockdown is over you will be mentally more prepared to get back out there on horseback for some fun!

If this is something which you would like some help with then just get in touch.

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