Some Thoughts on “Success”

Some Thoughts on “Success”

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I’ve done a couple of posts recently on “success” so thought this would be a good place to expand a little on these with some more thoughts.

The OED gives three definitions of “success”:

  1. The accomplishment of an aim
  2. The attainment of wealth, fame or position
  3. A thing or person that turns out well

For the purposes of this post I prefer to think of success as being something personal which we each measure for ourselves i.e. it is essentially definition number 1 above.

Perhaps one person has an aim, or goal, of completing a marathon, without concern for the time on the clock, and another has one of running a marathon in a personal best time. Both achieve their goal so, essentially, both are “successful” and can celebrate their achievements. However, if the first runner starts to compare herself with the second she risks damaging her sense of success because she is measuring her success on someone else’s terms.

If we look at riders, is the rider who fulfils her goal of completing a BE80 any less successful than the rider who fulfils HER goal of completing a 3* event? Both riders might be thrilled with their achievements on the day but, again, it’s not going to help the first rider if she compares herself to the second.

If the BE80 rider is happy with her goal achievement at that level then all is good for her. If she wishes to re-set her goal for the next level up or being more accurate and have fewer penalties at this level then she gives herself something to work towards and can enjoy more success as she works towards these new goals. There is no rule which says any rider must compete and aim to move up the levels in competition. Many rider’s goals are to enjoy riding at home and simply spending quality time with their horses and if they fulfil those goals then they too achieve success.

The beauty of setting goals is that when they are achieved one of the many rewards is that sense of “success” and by then setting further goals motivation is increased, new skills are learned and experience is gained. This can be apply in any life area such as sport, business, professional life, education and hobbies.

The way I like to look at success, and the way I encourage my clients to look at it, is to fully commit to working towards their goals and by fully committing they will be “successful”.

If you would like any help with finding your own success then please do get in touch and, together, we can make a plan.

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