Was it Really a ‘Disaster’?

Was it Really a ‘Disaster’?

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I was prompted to write this post as I overheard several conversations yesterday when I was on a day out not related to my work as a therapist.  However, being a therapist, I am usually aware of how people appear to be thinking and reacting in certain situations.


There were a few issues throughout the day which involved things running late and some changes of plans with the organisers having to think on their feet and remain flexible and good humoured.  Overall, in my opinion, the day was a success and involved visiting some beautiful places, seeing some wonderful sites and having the opportunity to meet and talk to some interesting people.


However, throughout the day I was hearing comments like ‘This day will go down in history…’ , ‘What on earth is going to happen next’ and ‘What a disaster’!  I wonder how the people who made these comments will remember the day and describe it to their friends?  Will they describe the sunshine, the views and the laughter or will they recall the things that went wrong and describe them with an element of exaggeration which is common in these type of situations?  Will the memory of the day morph into being a ‘Disaster’ for them?


Have a think about days you have had where there have been challenges or things haven’t gone to plan.  Do you recall that day as being a disaster or can you re-think it and recall the day in a different way?


As always thought and comments are welcome and thanks for reading this.

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